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16 დეკემბერი 2022

Name: Smart OS
Version: 20140627
Year of release: 2014
Official website: ბმულის სანახავად უნდა იყოთ [რეგისტრირებული ] [ავტორიზაცია]
Project on Github: ბმულის სანახავად უნდა იყოთ [რეგისტრირებული ] [ავტორიზაცია]
Official documentation: ბმულის სანახავად უნდა იყოთ [რეგისტრირებული ] [ავტორიზაცია]
Architecture: x86, x64
Interface language: English

Description: SmartOS combines 4 of the most revolutionary OS technologies of the last decade - Zones, ZFS, DTrace and KVM - into one operating system. It turns any server into a highly efficient hosting platform for multi-user and storage applications. SmartOS also offers unique, innovative tools for application developers, service providers and data center operators.
SmartOS is an operating system based on the illumos kernel, a fork of the OpenSolaris kernel created by the developer community after Sun was taken over by Oracle. SmartOS also includes a set of user-level tools from the GNU community and the pkgsrc package management system from the NetBSD community. Especially for SmartOS for the OpenSolaris/illumos kernel, the KVM hypervisor, originally developed for the Linux kernel, was ported. KVM made it possible to use not only OS-level virtualization using Zones, but also to run any operating system in a virtual environment.

SmartOS is an operating system based on the illumos kernel. Its main purpose is to be a host system for virtual machines. Unlike most operating systems, SmartOS only boots from LiveUSB, LiveCD, or over the network. When you install the system, the files of the operating system itself are not copied to the computer's hard drive. Only some settings are stored on the disk, as well as virtual machine images. In this regard, the installation process fits in two points:

• Select an image to record.

• Further, if it is an ISO, then the recording to the disc is carried out by any known CD/DVD recorder (Nero, CDBurnerXP, ImgBurn, UltraISO, etc.). If you decide to make a LiveUSB image (one of the most convenient and acceptable recording options), then you need to download a program that does not require installation - Win32 Disk Imager, and use it to unpack the IMG image to a USB flash drive in one click. Well, if you chose a PXE network installation, then I'm sure that you already know what to do with it.


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